GrassFire Yoga is about creating space for you to explore Unity. That is the meaning of the word Yoga. Frequently we experience competition with ourselves. Maybe it’s from constructs that have been built over the course of a lifetime. Perhaps you are unconsciously absorbing data on a daily basis that encourages you to  strive to make gains by defeating or establishing dominance over your will or physical body. Now don’t get me wrong. I encourage people to create a dialogue with themselves as they explore wellness in their own skin. But, seldom (if ever) has anyone had a sustainably healthy body when their mindset is one of self loathing.


When you are engaged in active exploration with a group of people, you will inevitably spur each other on to good works and positive outcomes.  Sometimes you may observe another person’s zeal for their practice and be inspired to show up to your yoga mat more frequently. Leveling up your own practice by experiencing the elevated energy of a class does not equate competition.

By definition, you are practicing community. Unless of course the state of your thoughts are in a place of comparison or negative judgement. This only leads to challenges and further discomfort. It’s not necessary to punish yourself mentally by competing with another person. You are not them, they are not you. You come from different histories, upbringings, and genetic possibilities that make it impossible for you to travel the path of life in the same manor. You are unique and different. Allowing yourself the space to observe and listen to the innate intelligence that the Universe offers you gives you the vantage point that allows you to see the journey as it applies to you. It can be no other way.


So, if you have said that you are not flexible enough for yoga, you are making a judgement against yourself and using a false framework to measure yourself and limiting your possibilities. After all, the best place to begin is the beginning. No one shows up to their first yoga class as an advanced and enlightened yogi. Why would you expect to have accomplished any of the tasks if you haven’t set out on the journey yet?

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