Derby, Kansas – GrassFire Yoga LLC is pleased to display our logo for the world to see!

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A big thanks needs to be extended to Broc from SignBull. Not only do the signs look great, but a three hour drive on a Sunday to make it happen? That’s awesome!

As you can see, our sign really pops! This was important to us because not only did we want to be easily spotted from the road, we really wanted to make a statement! WE ARE HERE, DERBY!

I’m very happy with the signage,” the owner Rachel said. “It’s a check-mark off of a very long list but it’s a big relief.

GrassFire Yoga will be opening up the doors for business in the coming week. A Grand Opening is sure to follow in the coming weeks or months. We’ll keep you posted. Until then, come by and check us out and by all means, tell a friend.

GrassFire Yoga LLC is a Yoga, Health and Wellness company founded and headquartered in Derby, Kansas. Its mission is to provide a calm, welcoming and safe space for everyone interested in exploring yoga, enhancing their understanding of nutrition, and experiencing steadiness and balance in day-to-day life. Learn more at

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