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Chronic Pain, the Brain, and Yoga; Using Yoga to Retrain the Brain

Anyone who has lived with chronic pain has experienced a seemingly endless quest to find out the cause of the pain, leaving feelings of hopelessness. Physical Therapy researcher Lorimor Moseley defines pain as “a multisystem output that motivates and assists the...

My Wellness Journey Pt. 1

If you don’t know already. I’m a geek. I love nerdy dense scientific studies that bore the hell out of most people. I geek out mostly on health and wellness topics, but also dabble in the esoteric/metaphysics/quantum physics realm… but I wanted to start our by sharing...

New Year at GrassFire Yoga LLC

As the holiday is starting to wind down, most of us are beginning to look forward to the new year.  I have spent a lot of time making efforts to simplify my personal life and the offerings at GrassFire Yoga as well. It is my hope to continue to make yoga accessible to...

Founded on Community and Connection

GrassFire Yoga’s mission is to provide a calm, welcoming and safe space for everyone interested in exploring yoga, enhancing their understanding of wellness, and experiencing steadiness and balance in day-to-day life. We desire to equip students and teachers with the tools needed to reach the fulfillment of their ambitions. We are here to expand the borders of our community.  GrassFire Yoga will diligently work to continually educate and be educated by the relationships built within our community.

GrassFire Yoga’s vision is to be the empowering agency for yoga instructors to become strong business leaders in their communities and to provide our patrons with qualified and passionate instructors with a diverse knowledge base.


What People Are Saying

 I thought of all physical based nutrition. Solely body work. My experience as turned out to be far more than that.  I have learned about my relationship with myself and how it effects my relationship with food and how every aspect of my thinking can effect how my body is nurtured. I highly recommend working with her if you want to get to the real root of nutritional issues. 

Jason Etter

Yoga Instructor

Read MoreMy girlfriend and I completed a 6-week beginner course with Rachel.  In those 6 weeks, I learned about how to breathe, relax, and search within.  Rachel is very patient ans she also has a voice and personality that is very conductive to learning yoga – quiet, relaxing, and soft yet strong, vibrant, and colorful. She would relay cues at the perfect time, like she was reading our mind and body and reminding us of those subtle things. I would highly recommend being a student and a friend of hers.

Chris Reger

Software Engineer

Rachel is AMAZING for both body and mind!!! She brings mindfulness into the physical practice beautifully… I have been practicing with her guidance for a month and have seen many changes in myself!!! YOU will want to experience this feeling!!!

Tracy Peirce Chace


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Drop In Class

These classes are our regularly scheduled classes that anyone can attend. 

Drop in classes can be paid for each visit or purchase a 10 Class Pass and save.

Drop In- $10/ $7*

10 Class Pass- $70/ $60*

*Hero Discount applies to law enforcement, first responders, military, teachers and students. 

Class Series

These classes are bundled together to save you money and help you build consistency in your practice. There are a limited number of spaces open for each series. Paying in advanced guarantees your spot will be saved. 

The cost of class series varies between $55 and up. A series may be 4, 6, or 8 weeks long.

These classes are paid for in advance to ensure there is enough space for all the yogis/yoginis.

Check the calendar for the next class series.

*Not eligible for any other discounts


This is your opportunity to take your yoga practice to a whole new level.  Whether you desire to study the philosophy of yoga, learn how to cook healthier meals or solidify your knowledge of the postures of yoga, the experience of workshop learning is a valuable tool in the journey of life.

Workshops are paid for in advance in order to ensure that you have an amazing experience.  Prices range based on topic.

Ready to Make a Change?

GrassFire Yoga is about creating unity and unity begins within. If you have struggled to lose weight, are tired of being tired or are interested in learning more about how your thinking effects your health; schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more about you can create the life you dream of. 

Expert Intsructors

Meet the GrassFire Family

Rachel Housby-Jones, RYT-200

Rachel Housby-Jones, RYT-200

Owner, Instructor, Coach

Rachel’s approach to yoga and nutrition are very much intertwined. Rachel engages her clients and students from the perspective that our body, mind, and spirit operate as a complex integrated network. What is manifesting in one may have originated in another. By quieting the noise within, whether that be negative self talk, long held limiting beliefs, or habits that seem to have no origin; we can find unity in ourselves. This unity leads to healing in many aspects of our self and life. When we have unity in ourselves we naturally spread unity in the world that we interact with.

Sarah Cummins, E-RYT200

Sarah Cummins, E-RYT200

Yoga Instructor

 Sarah began taking yoga classes in 2005 and fell in love with the practice of integrating body and mind through focused awareness. With over 1,300 hours teaching experience. She is an active-duty Air Force spouse certified with Yoga Warriors International to teach to people suffering from post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, and amputations and she is currently working toward her Yoga Therapy certification. Her goal is to empower clients, using the philosophy and applications of yoga, to assess and treat the client from a holistic perspective.

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